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Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 2020 | Top 10 clever features 2020

 if you just updated to Windows 10 i'mabout to show you ten tips tricks and features that'll help you get the mostout of this operating system hi guys welcome back to tony dawson tech if you're new here welcome and if you're not welcome back let's get straight into itnow the new Windows 10 update has been out for a couple of weeks nowcode name 20h1 this was Windows Update 2004 now whether you're a power user oran occasional user there's something here for you I'm not gonna waste anymore time let's get down to top 10 tips and tricks for Windows 10 now the firstone is an old favorite it was actually brought out in Windows 7 but it's stilljust effective in Windows 10 today now we've all been there when you've gotmultiple windows open on the screen and you just want to get rid of some youcould individually go to each window and minimize them so you've only got the onethat you're working on there but there's a quicker way if you left click on theactive window that you've got open and give it a shake all windows willminimize apart from that one simple and if you want them all back I have to dois click on it again and shake and it will bring them all backnumber two seems a simple one how to take a screenshot now there's 8different ways in Windows 10 tend to take a screenshot now the easiest way to dothis is simply press windows and print screen key and that will save thatscreenshot in the pictures folder in a folder called screenshots the best wayto do a screenshot now is by using snip and sketch and you can get to that bypressing the Windows key shift and the letter S this is quite a versatile toolyou can either have rectangular window freeformor fullscreen they'll let you annotate it lay it highlight stuff okay so thisis snip and sketch now I need to do is press windows shift & S and then whensnipping sketch menu will come up you've got a rectangular snip free from snip awindow snip or just a full screen snip all we want is a rectangular for thisinstance click on it drag you've got it save and it comes upand it's say to the clipboard to paste where you want there you go have a playaround with it miles better than the snipping toolnumber three is a cool trick which I confess I only learn about probablyabout a year ago and it's a slide down to shut off here's how to set it off sothis is pretty simple to set up once you're on your desktop right click it onto new select shortcut type in what's on the screen now there will be a link inthe description click on next and finish and what happens is you get thisshortcut on the desktop that's called slide to shut down to saythose extra precious seconds all you need to do is double click on thatdisappears now if you slide this window all the way down the computer will startshutting down I don't need to do that for now so let's get back to itnumber four is dictation it's a tool I'd never thought I'd ever use its been inwindows quite a while but it's been pretty poor but now it's actually quitea useful tool if you're going to use it I use it for my YouTube scripts sort oftyping things out I'll write it down open up word and start dictating okaydictation is easy to set up once you've got your text program open with anotepad or word or whatever you want to be once you're in there I need to do ispress the windows key + H and it will start listening and it will start typingwhat you're saying very cleversave lots of time now number five is one that admittedly I don't use that often ifever but I can see it being very popular in today's society and that's an emojiand symbols menu anywhere your typing just hit the windows and full stop key and youwill bring up the menu to choose your emoji or symbol just like this okay toget up your emoji and symbols menu wherever you're typing whether that bechatting or again in some sort of text documentyou type it along like I said I need to do is hit the windows and the full-stopkey and you get the emoji menu all the symbols menu all along the bottom andchoose which ones you want go ahead try it now number six is for those powerusers settings are all over the place in Windows different menus different waysto get to them now there's an old Easter Egg that's still available in Windows 10and it's called god mode it puts all the most useful and widely used settingsinto one folder as such and it's a doddle to set up let me show you okaygod mode is easy to set up as well it's pretty similar to slide to shut down once you're on your desktop right-click go down to new this time you're going select folderand you need to rename the folder with text thats on the screen now or justcopy it from the description once that's renamed press Enter when you've entered it,

it will transform into this symbol here double tap and you'll see all the settingsthat you would ever need across the board place simple as consistently I've cheated alittle bit here I've put two together in one category and that's a timedifference and calculator options now the calculator has been around for yearsin Windows and in the early days it was just simply a calculator but now it'sgot so many features if you open up the options menu you see what you can dowith the calculator from a scientific calculator to working out area to acurrency converter all those tools just in the calculator app now the next oneis great if you've got friends and family that live in different parts ofthe world it allows you just to simply have a look and calculate the timedifference between them all if you go to the search bar and type alarms and clockand then click on the clock you'll see the map of the world and you canpinpoint where everybody lives and you cansee the time difference between where you are handy little feature number 8 isthe cloud clipboard this allows you to save multiple items to the clipboard andselect which one you want to paste but of course it's saved in the cloud so you could spare from one gadget and glue it into another gadget utilizing the cloud clipboard I'll tell you the best way to turn it on now alright to set up your cloudclipboard go to settings then from settings you need to go to system and on the lefthand side go to clipboard once you're in there turn your clipboard history on andturn on sync across devices from there once you have copied something if youpress Windows + V it will bring up the clipboard that you can sync acrossdevices and paste it as and when when you need itnumber nine is dynamic lock pretty nifty it pairs Windows 10 with your phone soif you pick your phone up and walk away from the screen it will automaticallylock your session ideal if you're in a public place or maybe you have quite afew roommates it takes away that forgetfulness of youlocking your screen and it will lock it automatically here's how to set it upokay to turn on dynamic lock again you need to go into settings go to accountsand the accounts go to sign-in options once you're in sign-in options if youscroll down you will find dynamic lock tick to turn it on allow Windows tolock your device automatically when you're away just remember to pick upyour phone when you move it goes off your phone obviously from there you'llneed to link your phone as well number 10 is something called storage sensethis essentially move temporary files that aren't being used by any of yourinstalled programs to free up space automatically it'll automatically emptythe recycle bin after 30 days you know let you configure a manual cleanup whichis always handy after a Windows Update here's how to activateokay to turn storage sense on again we need to go into the settings menu intosystem and then down the left hand side you'll find storage in storage it's thefirst one you come to the little slide there where you can turn storage senseon and so you turn it on if you click on configure you can configure what you canand can't do so you can personalize it have a look at it see what you can dothere you go as always I've got bonus for you and this one's called power toysthis is an open source project by Microsoft but weirdly it's not availableon the Microsoft Store I'll leave the link down below you have to download itfrom github this is one of those features that could take it whole videoon its own it's probably actually there for power users again but there are somenifty little toys in there no power toys came about in Windows 95 all those yearsago and it's still available now for Windows 10 there's too many things tomention I'll show you how to set it up now have a play around let me know whatyou think okay to install power toys go to the link in the description it'lltake you to this or whatever is the latest release depending on when you'rewatching this go down to the bottom and you'll see power toys setup double clickthat it will download the Installer once it's download double click that run theInstaller so it installs you will get if you choose you will get a shortcut oryou can open it from the stat menu and there's lots of toys in here too many togo into so if you want to see that just let me know do a full video on power toysthere's a lot of stuff in there and that's how you sell power toys there yougo I hope you found something beneficial in there if you want me to go intoanything more detail especially the power toys please let me know in thecomments if you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up it really does help there will be more of these to come if you haven't subscribed yet that buttons up herelove it if you could subscribe to join the gang if not here's another video thatmight convince you otherwise for now guys thanks for watching I'll see younext time 


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