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Who should buy Apple iPhone SE 2020 and who should not, simple

 Hi! We are a few months away from the upcoming iPhone event. Potential leaks possibly did spoil some fun, but the interest for the 2020 iPhone flagships is still sky-high. Yet, earlier this year, Apple launched the new iPhone SE that surprised the market with its specs and price range. In this video I want to revisit this device and give some of you a hand to decide would this phone be the right choice for you or not. There are many reasons why I believe this year's SE model and its upcoming 2021 + size sibling are and will be the best iPhones to buy in the next two or three years, at least. Especially, if you're on a budget, if you want to save some extra cash or maybe invest money in something else. To avoid confusion, I will also dedicate a portion of this video to explain why three types of users should avoid iPhone SE and eventually, what they can do about it. [Music] Hi guys and welcome to Digital Markings channel. My name is Marko and this is your weekly fix of tech news, leaks rumors and opinions. Everything about Apple and its competitors. If you're fond of this type of content, please subscribe and don't forget to hit notification icons so you don't miss the next video. The first thing is: PERFORMANCE! The moment it was released, new iPhone SE left tech crowd with jaw wide open, when it was revealed that it's powered by Apple's A13 Bionic chip. It is the fastest smartphone processor in the world and it's being used in all Apple's 2019 flagships.

 Even if iPhone SE is equipped with 3 gigs of RAM - which is nothing, comparable to many equally or less priced Android phones - you can be sure that all operations, like opening, using or closing apps, some multitasking, playing games or even producing some photo and video content, will function perfectly. Beside powerful processor, the reason why this device operates so smooth, is it's operative system or iOS. If you ask will you miss more RAM - well, when you have many applications open simultaneously, with more RAM you can go back to that app and just continue using it, while with less RAM, it might take time to reload or initiate application once again and that's it. Now, just as a reminder - the iPhone SE is coming in three configurations - 64, 128 and 256 gigs of storage. The second reason is: CAMERA! Camera that's being used on iPhone SE, it seems it's similar to the one from the iPhone 8. But when we say iPhone 8, it's way more complex than that. It's not about the camera sensor only. You see, iPhone SE chip is adding extra potential to camera with its image signal processor and machine learning capabilities. Photo quality is way better from everything before 2019.

 In terms of video, even if this phone is entry level, you're gonna get the best video on the smartphone, period. Photo camera does an excellent job in bright, daylight conditions. Due to the lack of Night mode, for this model particularly, low-light photography is not much impressive. Unless you decide to install NeuralCam application and for a few bucks, that issue will be resolved. This application also allows you to take Night mode selfies as well. Although, iPhone SE front-facing shooter is far behind the iPhone 11 lineup. Three: THE BUILD, FAST AND WIRELESS CHARGING, GOOD SCREEN! As expected, the iPhone SE build quality is premium, sturdy - it's made out of 7000 series aluminum - which will not bend easily, with glass back and obviously support for wireless charging. While fast charger does not come in the box, this model is fast charging ready. You may not be happy with the lack of headphone jack, because you will not be able to use your old headphones. Lucky for you, Apple's EarPods are part of the package and sound really good. The 4.7 inch LCD, Retina display comes with wide color gamut, so when you watch videos movies or photos, it will be vibrant and satisfying. With resolution of 1334 with 750 pixels, you'll be able to enjoy excellent quality of YouTube, Netflix or any other video or image content. 326 pixels per inch pixel density guarantees great viewing experience of text or something else, because it's perfectly sharp and clear.

 Number four: IOS AND IT'S LONG TERM SUPPORT! Like it or not, the iOS is by default, the reason of its own to switch to iPhone or stay in the Apple world. Simply said, the apps for iOS are way better made, stable and secure. Using such a small screen real estate already helps its speed and responsiveness. But the way how iOS handles resources and how efficient and optimized it is, you will not experience any stutter. Apple's record-breaking operative system support, guarantees you 5 years of iOS features and security updates. Something that majority of Android manufacturers do not provide. This is the advantage of Apple business strategy, having controll over software and hardware at the same time. The next one is: THE ECOSYSTEM! Apple ecosystem is the next great thing when your own Apple devices. The way everything is synchronized and how it functions all together, it's unique and almost perfect - copy text from your iPhone and paste it to your Mac, unlock your Mac with Apple watch, continue viewing website from your iPhone to your iPad, transfer files and documents between Apple devices using AirDrop, do phone calls and exchange messages from various Apple devices, etc. The best thing even with the entry-level device like iPhone SE, all of it is accessible to you, if you ready own some other Apple product.

 There is no reason to buy the most expensive iPhone. You can just use that cash to buy more powerful MacBook, buy an iPad, an Apple watch AirPods or, if you don't want to enjoy the lore of Apple's ecosystem, you can save that money or use it, for example to go somewhere on vacation. Finally: THE PRICE! With price range starting from 399. iPhone became accessible to wider population. And as a complete package, this phone is the Best Buy smartphone you can get. It's very important to mention, many Android devices are in similar price range - like recently released Xiaomi Pocophone f2. But as all the other Android devices, it falls short in long-term support and overall experience after a few months or years of use. Now, when you should not consider buying an iPhone SE? 1: IF YOU WANT MORE FROM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY! When you really want various photo shooting capabilities, which include use of telephoto for good quality close-ups, ultra wide-angle lens that can capture wider frame - you can't do anything about it and iPhone SE simply will not be sufficient. We are expecting the iPhone SE Plus model and we are hoping for one more camera, probably telephoto. But if Apple decides to include ultra wide-angle sensor, this can change things dramatically. So stay tuned. Second: IF YOU WANT MORE THAN ONE DAY OF BATTERY LIFE! Second reason why you should not go for iPhone SE is obviously, battery life.

While A13 Bionic is outstanding, power efficient chip - iPhone SE, simply has smaller battery size. This phone is not intended for gaming, even with its specs and performance potential, you cannot expect a lot with 1821 mili Amper hour battery capacity. That's not gonna work. So, if you want a device that can hold more than one day of battery life, better look somewhere else. iPhone 11 is awesome option. Even iPhone XR is a smartphone with great battery life. Android has a lot of options, although the way iOS works in combination with Apple's hardware, you're getting more with less capacity.

Once again, you can wait iPhone SE + in 2021, which will definitely come with bigger battery. And: IF YOU WANT MORE MODERN DESIGN (typing error) AND FEATURES! The last reason, why you should not choose iPhone SE, is if you're looking for the latest tech and features, like higher screen to body ratio, OLED display with deeper colors, Face detection or in Android case, in-display fingerprint scanner. In this case iPhone SE or even iPhone SE Plus, will not be your cup of tea. That would be it! Since, I was talking about both the iPhone SE and the iPhone SE +, I did not use the screen size as a possible bummer for iPhone SE. I did mention screen to body ratio. This is just my kind of a disclaimer. Can you think of any other reason why iPhone SE would not be a phone of choice? Please, share in the comments below. If you liked this video, hit the thumbs up and subscribe. Thank you for watching Digital Markings channel. Talk to you soon. Have an excellent day. Bye! 


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