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watchOS 7 Beta 1 is Out! - What's New?

 hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech andtoday Apple released watch OS 7 beta 1 to developers this is available to alldevelopers and you need a series three series four or series five Apple watchin order to install it those are the only watches it's available for and thisshould release to the public sometime in the fall around September or October nowyou'll need an iphone to install it and it was about a gigabyte in size and ifyou've not installed a watch OS beta before make sure that you really knowwhat you're getting into because you cannot downgrade by yourself youactually have to bring it to Apple they send it in and downgrade it for you andthen hand it back so just know that you actually should not install this unlessyou're aware of those risks now let's take a look at some of the new featuresand the build number so first let's take a look at the build number you'll seeit's pretty early we go to about and there's the build number there 18 arefive three one zero a and this particular update adds some nicefeatures and the first thing is actually battery health so if we go back so inthe settings if we scroll down to battery let's find it here there we gowe'll go to battery under battery you'll see the charge will go down tap onbattery health and you'll see this one is currently at 89% so just like allbatteries it degrades over time you've got optimized battery charging built inand it's nice that they've added this although there's no way to reallyreplace a battery on an Apple watch this is a series for Apple watch so it's acouple of years old at this point or a year and a half or so and it's doingwell but it will degrade and need a battery replacement eventually now Applehas added some new watch faces and you see the first one here if I press andhold you'll see this is chronograph Pro and it has a tachymeter tachometer on itand you can access it just tap on it like that so it's a nice new one go backhome here and we've also got an additional one here now this is theextra large version but it also adds complications so it's sort of new inthat you can change the complications now in addition to the new watch faceswe have some new complications so if we press and hold here we'll hit edit andlet me go back and you can see colors has been updated a little bit as wellso it looks a little bit different how we can scroll through it's just a littlebit nicer we can adjust this as far as time scale for the tachymeter tachometerand let's go to our complications and select a new one because we have a fewnew ones so if we go to see we'll start with that we have a camera remote sothat's been added we also can see moon phases so that's in here somewhere soyou've got moon for astronomy and then also we have short putts so if we godown to shortcuts you'll see there we go we have shortcuts for photo grid goodday Wi-Fi off and more so we can select all of those we also have sleep and I'lltalk more about that in a moment with sleep tracking and then we have worldclocks so if we go down here there's some world clocks so you'll see there'ssunset and sunrise New York City Cupertino and then you can adjust themas you'd like so we've got those new complications to add as well now asidefrom the new complications if we go over maybe we'll create a new watch face wehave the ability to add multiple complications from the same app from athird-party developer so maybe we want to customize one of these like this onehere maybe we would like this watch face the infograph modular will edit and thenwe'll go over to complications and maybe we want activity from an activity appbut we want a couple of them so you can you can see that we can add two activityapps or we could add something else and customize it for maybe a workout orsomething like that now once you've found a watch face that you like you nowhave the ability to share it so you can share it using the little share buttonhere and a contact and share your watch face they can share one with you and youshould be able to search them in the future when it comes to watch faces soif we slide over here we'll eventually be able to search them where they putthem I'm not sure maybe in theface gallery but you can look through a bunchof the ones you already have and you'll eventually be able to search some newones share them with your friends and that's a nice little addition now a newfeature is sleep tracking this was long rumored to be coming and if we go tosleep here see it'll take a moment to open and you have to set this up on theiPhone app in the health app first but you'll see we have sleep tracking fullschedule no recent sleep data and when you set it upfor the first time it will suggest things like shortcuts in the morningmaybe you want to turn them on so if we go over to the iPhone and then we go tohealth and health we'll wait for it to load and then we can go down to where wehave sleep now under sleep you'll see your schedule wakeup times get more fromhealth you can add data to it and even get sleep apps and you've got some otheroptions as well so you can plan out your sleep see how much sleep you're gettingor not getting and keep track of that if you'd like and you can use your watch toget more out of that by sleeping with your watch on now if you leave it on youcan have it set up for haptics and things to wake you up with audiblealarms or haptic alarms so if we go back here we go to settings we go to optionsfor sleep and it's turned on automatically and then we have it set upfor sleep tracking we have charging up reminders don't use this watch for sleepand so we've got other options for that so it's a nice little update for yourwatch now in addition to noise that was added last year they added noise healthso you've got this here of course but also on the health app again we alsowill have noise and you'll see noise notifications and this will work acrossyour headphones and everything else so it'll let you know if you're listeningto two loud environments or environments that are going to damage your hearingover time and it will tell you how it's going now of course you could turn thisoff if you'd like but they've added some additional features with it now asidefrom the Health they've updated the activity app and renamed it to fitnessand fitness now has some new workouts so if you want some new workout Stylesthey're available so we'll go over to our watch and take a look at thatnow if we go to the workout app we have some new ones now of course you'refamiliar probably with indoor cycling and all those things let's go down heresee if we can find some new ones so we've got functional strength trainingwe've also got dance we've got cooldown and core training sothose are four new workouts that have been added as well now they've updatedmaps with cycling directions and it can use your watch to let you know if youneed to climb some stairs or take other directionbut what they haven't done is add the cycling option yet so that will be addedeventually so maybe we look for a gas station I guess we'll go to this one andyou'll see down here we have cycling but it doesn't really work yet so it's therebut it doesn't allow you to use it but you will eventually have cyclingdirections now the final new feature has to do with something that's always beenimportant but seems to be in the forefront of everything right now andthat's hand washing so if we go to settings we go down to hand washing wecan now have a timer activate as soon as it detects we're washing our hands so ifyou start it'll start us 20 second timer and then let you know through the timerand through haptics whether or not you're washing your hands properly orfor long enough so let's try that out now the hand washing prompt should beautomatic by listening for water and your movements and you'll see that itdidn't actually activate it so that little hand washing experiment didn'tseem to work so well although I tried it multiple times it didn't really work butwhen I was setting up to record this video I accidentally activated it so itdoes need a little bit of work I expect they'll work out all the bugs beforeit's released to the public later this year now let me know which feature isyour favor in the comments below and if you'd like to get your hands on thiswallpaper on the iPhone it's one of the new stock iOS 14 wallpapers a link inthe description like I normally do if you haven't subscribed already thoughplease subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as alwaysthanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time


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