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🔴TOP 5 WINDOWS 10 TIPS & TRICKS | Windows Tips

 hey guys welcome back so Windows 10 hasbeen out for about 5 years now and it really does have some cool featuresunder the hood which not necessarily everybody knows so in this video todaylet me share with you five cool things that you can do with your Windows 10computer and also let you know that Windows 7 is actually going to beend-of-life on the 14th of January 2020 which is only a few weeks from now soI'm guessing lots of people are going to be upgrading to Windows 10 so I'm hopingat least some of these tips may be useful to them so with all of that beingsaid let's jump right into it so the first cool thing we can do at Windows 10is to enable automatic management of our storage or we could say automatichousekeeping now this feature is actually called storage sense and bydefault it's not enabled now to enable if you go to the start button let's goto settings let's click on that let's now go to system and here we're lookingfor storage and here we can just confirm that storage sense is disabled bydefault that's now turned on let's click on configure and firstly we can justconfigure Windows Storage sense actually run the deep ocean is to run wheneveryour trial runs low in space but if you click on that you can actually say Iwant to run this option every day every week or every month but for now let'sjust leave it on whenever you have no free disk space and then the firstoption we have is to automatically delete any temporary files that yourapplications are not using so you don't have to go and find any temporary filesmanually yourself because this option is enabled this will do that for youautomatically giving you back that free disk space you also have the option hereto manage your recycle bin so as we know on Windowsanytime you delete a file it actually moves out to your recycle bin then it'sup to you to go ahead and right-click an empty that whenever you feel like herebut with this option enabled this will actually delete any files in there thatare older than 30 days we can also reduce that down to one day or 14 daysor even up to 60 days so it really does give you that control on when thesefiles will be deleted from your recycle bin let's leave our 30 days you alsohave a great option which is to manage the files in your downloads folder asyou know on Windows anytime you download anything from your browser or fromanywhere else the default location it goes to is actually your downloadsfolder which we can see here now over time this can build updepending on how actively you are downloading things on your computer soonce again having this option enabled you could say for example anything olderthan 60 days just delete that for me so and the very last option is onlyapplicable if you've ever done an in-place upgrade of your Windowsoperating system so if you're upgraded from windows 8 to Windows 10 or fromwindows 7 to Windows 10 you can actually click on this option and this will thengo ahead and delete any of the files from your previous operating system sowe can see that storage sense does give either automated control of themaintenance of your hard drives and if you run all of this now let's click onclean now give that a second and that should now go ahead and delete all ofthe files that match this criteria here the next cool thing we can do in Windowsis to enable the nightlight feature now in recent years evidence has appearedthat exposure to blue light can cause eye fatigue and a whole range of healthissues so whether you look at your phone in your bed or you look in your iPad ormaybe you're just staring at the computer screen for too long but all ofthese can prevent you sleeping and it's actually what causes your eyes to hurtnow fortunately the big names in the tech world have started to take noticeof this problem as you notice with most of the modern smartphones from youriPhones to your Android phones they will have some kind of night remote featurewhich actually reduces that blue light now to do this in Windows if you stillright-click on the desktop and select display settings right the top and youcan see we have the option to enable blue light now if I turn this on thiswill not change the colors displayed on the screen into warmer versions ofthemselves in other words we are now partially removing that blue light youcan also tweak the settings in here and you can change how much of the bluelight is removed so the more you go to the right the more warmer the colorswill be and the less blue light you have and opposite on the left you can alsoget this to happen automatically via schedule so you can go from your sunsetto your sunrise you can actually pick the hours yourself so automatically turnon night light let's say for example 10 o'clock at night time and turn it off the morning so again you have that complete control on how you want tomanage these at night light settings so it really is a great feature that'sautomatically built into Windows the next cool thing we can do in Windows isto actually manage the windows by using various mouse gestures for example ifyou click and hold on an active window and then just shake your mouse we cansee that then minimizes all the other does accept the current active one andif you do the same process again that then reverses actions and then bringsthese windows back you can also snap the windows so for example if I click andhold here and drag up if I let go now we can see that then makes this fullscreenlet's try that again with another window again let's click here go to the top letgo and then that makes it fullscreen similarly if you click and drag to theleft this then resizes the window to exactly half of your screen size and ifthen click on another window you now have two equal sized windowstaking up exactly half of your screen for each window so it's a great way toimprove your productivity so on this side you can maybe be doing your workmaybe typing up a document and decide you could be maybe you know browsing theweb or watching some YouTube videos similarly if you click and go to thebottom left and then let go this then does a perfect quarter of your screensize for this active window so again I can click on another window up here okayso we now have two quarter windows and a full size windowSarek we typing up document this is a typing test downtown looking somepictures and over here I'm browsing the web so again it really is a great way toincrease the productivity on your computer and if you don't like using themouse if you're more of a power user you can also do that by using the windowskey so if I press the windows key and left we can see that then it snaps tothe left if I press the Windows key and up because it then goes to the top leftif I press the Windows key and down if I press the windows came down again thatthen goes to the bottom left so again you can do all of this stuff just byusing the Windows key and the arrows the next cool feature we have is SystemRestore and I'll say this is kind of like a time machine that allow you toundo any of the system changes on your device that that may be causing youproblems so let's say for example you install you know big windows update oryou install a program and ends up crashing your computer this will be anideal time to use a system restore point to go back to a previous point whereyour computer was actually healthy now to create a system restore point if yougo to the start button let's go to settings and inhale a search for restoreand we can see here we have option to create a restore point let's click onthat and we can see on my computer the protection is set to OFF so let'sclick on configure let's click on turn on system protectionlet's allocate about 5% of my drive for a system restore let's click on applyand click on ok ok so now that system protection is enabled we now want tocreate a custom a restore point which means if anything happens to my computerI can always go back to this point where we currently are right now so let'sclick on create let's just give that a name so I can say you know everythinggreat and if you got to make a big change you can actually make a note herelike pre-installing new update so you know if there's any problems you canalways go back to this particular restore point let's click on crate andwe get the message that the restore point was created successfully let'sclick on close and if you want to use our restore point we can click on systemrestore click on next and we can see here we've got the manual restore pointthat we created so anything happens to my computer I could always go back tothis particular restore point so I do think this is a great feature whichcould save your neck if you do end up having a critical problem on yourcomputer the law school thing we can do in Windows 10 which I would say isprobably a bit more for an advanced feature is to enable virtual desktopsnow virtual desktops as the name implies allows you to create virtual test basesor virtual workspaces for you to organize and manage your stuff forexample you could have one virtual desktop when you're doing your work oryour productivity stuff and you have a separate one for your entertainment orfor your leisure activities now to create a virtual desktop you can clickon the task view here we can see these are the current active windows I haveand we have a feature the top is saying new desktop let's click on that we cannow see we have a desktop 2 and a desktop 1 for that a desktop 2 we cansee I've no applications open forget back to the toast view go back todesktop 1 and we can see here I've got a couple of things open like a Worddocument the file explorer window and also Chrome now if I want to movesomething to a second desktop let's go back to the task view now I can say Iwant to move Chrome because I'm going to be using that for games or something Ican drag that into desktop 2 okay so now we have desktop 1 with just two thingsopen and if I go back to the task view because he desktop 2 is just for the browsers so this way you can separate out your work and maybe other activities which would hopefully give you increased productivity you can also use a shortcut which is well that's all for this video guys many thanks for watching I do hope you find at least some of those tips useful if you did please do give this video like if you want to see more of this kind of content then do you think about subscribing also leave me a comment below let me know your favorite tips for Windows 10 and I'll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks 


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