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Official iPhone Cases & Apple Watch Bands - Summer 2020

 hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech andApple released their summer 2020 cases for iPhone and that includes iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and so I have two of the three colors here Iactually ordered all three but one of them did not show up in time so we havethree different colors the first one is called vitamin C the next one is calledlinen blue and then the other one is called seafoam which I also have theApple watch band to match an Apple releasedApple watch bands as well and those come out in four different colors so we havethe seafoam that I showed you already then linen blue again we have thevitamin C color as well as coastal gray which I don't have and so these are allthe four different colors that are available the cases come in at $39 andthe watch bands come in at $49 and these are to replace the spring colors that Ihave here so I did a separate video on these when they were released these areno longer being sold as new anyway these were for spring 2020 so now we have thesummer colors so let's go ahead and take a look at them we'll open them upthey're just silicone cases like you would expect and as you can see here itsays vitamin C so this one is for the iPhone 11 Pro it's a nice orange colorand it's a little bit different than the ones we've seen before but it should gonicely with an iPhone 11 pro so if we put this in place now with the midnightgreen on the back it's going to look a little bit different but you get theidea here so let me set this one aside and we'll take a closer look at thelinen blue as you can see here so let's go ahead and open this one up and if youhaven't seen the Apple silicon cases or silicone cases what you have is justsilicone on the outside it doesn't stick in your pocket too much so it's notsuper grippy but it's nice you've got a covered power button hereand then you've got the same for your volume buttons and then an opening foryour silent switch the bottom is open and then you have a nice microfibercloth lining and it's very flexible now if we put the iPhone 11 Pro Max in place

I have my Space Gray one here you'll see it fits in there nicely itlook pretty good and it protects it reallywell except for the bottom so some people are concerned when this isleaving the bottom exposed it shouldn't really be a problem but some people maybe concerned about it you also have good lay on the table protection on the sideso you have a little bit of a lip here so you can just set it down if you don'thave a screen protector on and it will keep it protected now of course thismatches the watchbands we'll take a look at that in just a moment but you havegood access to your buttons so it's easy to press it does make it a little bitmore difficult to press than if it wasn't on the same is true of yourvolume buttons and your silent switch you can get in here no problem though insilence the phone so you've got a nice opening for your cameras and it does sitjust above the cameras so it keeps them protected as well now let's take a lookat the watch bands as well so this one is the same one linen blue open it uphere so we'll take this out here like this and if we open it up you can seenow these are available for the 40 and 44 millimeter Apple watches and theycome with different sizes so if you have larger wrists like myself you have alonger strap and then a shorter one if you have a smaller strap so you've gotsmall/medium medium-large so that's how they come in then they have this littlestainless steel or aluminum piece here so let's go ahead and remove these andtake a closer look at them when

 I place it on the watch we'll open the other one also and thenwe'll put them on the watch in just a moment now inside you also have this paper Ithink it's just a warranty paper or product safety information as you cansee here so nothing exciting let's take a look at this seafoam color as well andso it's sort of a light green with a little hint of blue in it maybe andlet's take this one out this is actually for a 40-millimeter watch so we'll takethis one out it will work on older watches as well I'll show you that in amoment now if you have some of the updates for the Apple watch you shouldbe able to go through and find a matching watch face before the colors sothis is actually the seafoam watch face and this is actually a third-generationApple watch in 38 millimeters so we'll actually place this one here but thisone here on the top and you can see it matches so that's nice we'll set thatone aside and then I'll take off the Nomad titanium watch band that I havehere and see what this other one looks like so we'll slide this in like that andit's clicked into place and then we can just put it on my wrist like this and itgoes into place just like that now it may be a little bit loose you cantighten it or loosen it sometimes I wish they had an in-between size but I'lljust leave it fairly loose for now so as you can see here it matches perfectlywith the case so that's pretty nice if you want to use both together and youhave these available in orange or anything else and then if you want toswitch between watch faces I've already set them to linen blue sowe have linen blue watch faces here on these different watch faces so you cansee them on gradient numerals duo numerals mono then just color and extralarge so you can have them set on any of them I think it looks pretty good withthe gradient and it matches really nice so it matches with the color of thewatch band and so I think it's a pretty nice update for the summer

 I didn't seeany new leather cases so we just have the three different color cases and youalso have the seafoam color as well and it just didn't arrive in time but youknow you'll have seafoam linen blue and vitamin C and they're all available toorder from Apple and I guess you could pick them up if you have an Apple storeopen nearby now I do have a wallpaper on my iPhone to match so if you'd like todownload this I'll leave it in the description like I normally do and ifyou'd like to see any other Apple products that you haven't seen anywhereelse let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can take a look atthem I purchased these with my own money so Apple didn't send them to me oranything but I just wanted to take a look at them but let me know in thecomments below if you'd like to see anything else if you haven't subscribedalready please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a likeas always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time 


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