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iOS 13.5.1 is Out! - What's New?

 Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &iOS 13.5.1 was released to the public today this is available to all iOS 13 supported devices so that means the iPhone 6s and later as well as the iPad Air 2 in later and iPad Mini 4 and later as well as iPod Touch 7th generation now if you haven't received this update and maybe you received iOS 13.5.5 beta you would need to uninstall the beta profile so if you are a beta tester you would want to go into settings go to general scroll to the bottom and you'll have a word that says profile here go into profile and removes it and then you'll be able to check for software update and it will be there now iOS 13.5.1 came in at 77.5 MB on my iPhone 11 pro max and it was as small as about50 megabytes or so depending on the device so I have the iPhone 7 the iPhone10 are in the iPad pro 12.9 from 2020 now let's take a look at the buildnumber the build number is 17 f80 and this particular build is all about onething and apple also released similar updates for not only iOS but also watchOS 6.2.6 TV OS 13.4.6 home pod OS 13.4.6 and also Mac OS 10.15.5 supplemental updates so withthis update iOS 13.5.1 has no modem updates so there's no modemfixes nothing to cellular data or Wi-Fi that I could find and it has onespecific the component that is incorporated and that is to fix the escape so in the event that you were utilizing iOS 13.5 with the revealed escape that has been fixed in certainty Apple considers that calls that out specifically as far as securityupdates as far as preventing that

so it says an application may be able toexecute arbitrary code with it kernel privileges or access to the operatingsystem itself and so they've patched that on all of these devices and that'swhat this update was all about every time there is a jailbreak that'sconsidered a security vulnerability and Apple needs to patch that and so they'vepatched it on not only iPhone but watch or Apple watch as well as iPadviii home pod Mac as well and so that is the main fix don't expect any newfeatures no major changes within this update there's nothing new as far asthat goes now with that said that doesn't mean they haven't patched otherthings although the update was so small it's hard to say if they fixed anythingwith mail as far as notifications I know quite a few people were having problemswith notifications coming in including myself sometimes they're hit or missmail as far as letting me know that I have email I go into it it has torecheck so those are all known bugs that I've seen over and over and I'm not sureif they'll be patched with this only a few days will tell me that so I did trya few different things on these devices I'll talk about in a moment but let'stalk about battery life then we'll talk about performance and then also futureiOS versions as well as iOS 14 so as far as battery life is concerned

I did afollow up video on iOS 13.5 the other day and 71% said they had the sameor better battery life than the previous public version now some people of coursethose that are having bad battery life are going to be more outspoken aboutthat and you can see my battery health is 98% after this update now updates donot decrease your battery health they simply recheck the physical battery tosee how it's doing and all batteries degrade over time so until someonereleases a new battery that doesn't degrade over time this will continue tobe a thing on all phones all devices that use batteries now over the past 10days that you can see here is my usage and there was a little bit of a hiccupthere but over the past 10 days here's my usage so it varies depending on theday this day was a little bit better so 3 hours and 43 minutes of screen on time2 hours and 54 minutes of screen off time and I used about 40% of my batteryso I'm getting about 10 to 12 hours combined with both screen on and screenoff time which is basically playing music in the background with the displayoff so it's having activities going on with the display off and that's usuallywhat that is so battery life has been fine for me I'm happy with it butobviously there's some that aren't so hopefully it fixes any of those smallissues now as far as performance you saw that that small little hiccup there whenI went into battery but it could be doing something in the background and itusually improves over time and we'll take a look at the benchmarks in amoment but before I started making this videoor recording this video I took a look at this iPhone 7 this is a jet-black iPhone7 it's a kind of a limited color it looks just like an iPhone 8 but it's notand if we go into things like music you'll see it takes a moment to load butin general I went in and I went into things like settings just to see how itwould scroll and I had no lock ups in the time that I've been playing aroundwith it seems to be okay but only time will telljust like better know as far as iPhone 10 are the same thing is true

I wouldnot expect any performance difference across any of these devices because thisis a security update as opposed to a feature update there's nothing new theyjust patched that small security hole or actually it's a pretty major securityhole the same is true with iPad OS iPad OS did not get any updates other thanthat security patch so if you were having issues with it unfortunately Iwould not necessarily expect them to be patched but only time will tell as faras that goes but again everything seems to feel fast and fluid when goingthrough this so it looks to be okay now as far as the Geekbench scores orbenchmarks let's take a look at them I ran it in Geekbench 5 like I normally doso if you're seeing much higher scores you may be in a previous version but Iscored 1317 for single core 3360 one for multi-core and keep in mind I run theseright after I install the update and it takes time usually for things to happenin the background but I do make make sure the phones are cool so usuallythey're a little bit warm after you update because they're processing a lotof data so you can see on June 1st verse May 19th the scores are a little bitlower but again I ran this right after installing it so keep in mind thesescores could go up but they're close enough that I really wouldn't payattention to it it's usually good enough now let's take a look at all of thesedevices so you can compare what I have with what you have now from left toright I have two 20/20 iPad pro 12.9 followed by the iPhone 7 then the iPhone10 R and then the iPhone 11 pro max so this should give you a general idea ofwhat your scores are and if they're anywhere in this general range youshould be good to go now Apple is continuing to work on iOS 13 and willcontinue to work on it probably until next year as far assecurity updates now I would not expect any major feature changes but while Iwas making this video i OS 13.5.5 beta

1 was released so I'll have a videoon that as well so hopefully there's something new in there but don't expectany major new features until iOS 14 which should come out to beta testers ina couple weeks on the 22nd so I'm looking forward to that so on the 22ndis WWDC and I would expect iOS 14 with many new features and things like thathopefully a lot more stability as well but of course I'll keep you updated onthat if you've found anything else in iOS 13.5.1 please let me know inthe comments below I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to get your hands onthis wallpaper of course I'll link it in the description as I always do if youhaven't subscribed already though please subscribe and if you enjoyed the videoplease give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see younext time


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