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Apple Watch Series 4 - 1.5 Years Later

 hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech andmany of you have been asking for a long-term review of my series for Applewatch and as recent as a previous video where I did the iPhone 11 Pro max sixmonths later people were asking again for a long-term review of this seriesfor watch now I don't use the series 5 watch I did review it I had the titaniumversion I decided that wasn't worth keeping because I prefer this one for acouple of reasons one of them is the series 4 doesn't have an always-ondisplay and the always-on display sounds nice but it drains so much battery thatit rarely got me through a day or maybe it would get me through a day on this Ieasily get through a day and a half or two days without a problem and that'sbecause the display is not on all the time and I don't usually look at thedisplay when it's down so you have to pick it up turn the display on then it'son and I just find that that seems to be the better way for me also the series 5the only other advantage of ads is a compass and that's built into the iPhoneshould I ever need a compass aside from GPS it's in the iPhone so I don't reallyneed it I don't separate the two enough to justify that so I kept the series 4and this is my main watch now Apple does not sell the series for Apple watch theysell a refurbished version or you can buy it on places like Amazon and thingslike that and this is still around five hundred and $89 refurbished for thestainless steel and sapphire version that's what this one is and it's prettyheavy because it's steel all the way around and sapphire on the display itmakes it a little bit more expensive and it's also the cellular version so thecellular version is actually something I don't have activated

so I probablyshould have just bought the Wi-Fi version but I don't use the cellularpart I don't find it worth paying an extra $10 a month or so for something Idon't really use so this is what I've been using lately and let me unlock itfor you here now my series for Apple watch has held up incredibly well it'sstainless steel like I mentioned so I have no scuffs or scratches on it now ifI had the regular stainless steel I had the first generation Apple watch instainless steel that had scuffs and scratches all over the aluminum framebecause this is the anodized black aluminum or black stainless steelwhatever the coating is on it rather it's held up reallyI don't have any scratches on it and the display has zero scratches on it becauseit's sapphire so the Sapphire display may not live up to some people'sstandards of sapphire but it's held up well enough to prevent any scratches at all and it's been knock against everything from block dividers to typical entryway sticks that are steel and actually the main thing that will scratch sapphire either sapphire or precious stone so something on that level of hardness so this isheld up incredibly well now battery life after a year and a half is pretty muchthe same now there's no way to measure battery health but I took this off thecharger sometime this morning I'm at 86% I can easily get through a couple dayswith this usually with no problem with the exception of sometimes when it'susing the decibel meter a lot

 so I have that on the display to show me the actual volume in the room you can see it's measuring how many decibels I'mspeaking at and it's somewhere around 60 to 70 and this is always running so if Iwanted to conserve battery I could do that by switching to a different facewhich isn't a problem to switch the one that's not using that all the time and you'll conserve some power so if that's ever a concern I can switch but usuallyit gets me through at least a day and a half no problem whatsoever and then Ijust continue using it and one of the nice things about Apple watch is witheven watch OS 6.2 the latest version at least that's on this it's still super fast just like the day I got it it's fast everything loads quickly and if Iwant to go into heart or ECG it just opens right up you'll see it's measuringit's not going to measure accurately because it's on my finger but you've got all of those different options and of course things like the camera.

 I can openthis up it opens on my iPhone over here so if I want to take a remote picture Ican do that just hit the button and take a picture and it's got that option andeverything just works really fast without a problem so in general this isstill just as fast as a series five Apple watch for the most part there'snot really any differences so I would highly recommend one if you can find onefor a reasonable price now of course you can get a series 5 for basically thisprice of the stainless steel series 4 so it really just depends on what you wantto do but as far as the battery lasting over time well if it gets really bad Icould bring it to Apple but it still lasts without a problem a yearand a half later and I would expect the battery to continue to last maybeanother couple of years or a year or more without degrading significantly tothe point where it needs to be replaced now as far as using it for workouts andmusic well I don't really use it for any of those things so I do use it foractivities and notifications in fact notifications is probably what I use itfor the most but you can see here's monthly challenges and things and Aprilchallenge I earned that in 2018 so I don't use this a whole lot I don't keeptrack of rings or anything like that I use it more for notifications when I'mtalking to people either on Twitter or on YouTube and things like that and thenI use it for weather and the UV index I really don't use it for anything elseother than for reminders and to just notify me of things so the activityrings I definitely should use more and probably will in the future but rightnow I don't use it a ton but I should give it more of a chance as far as thatgoes but in general I think it's super fast it's great for whatever you needand maybe I should try some of the features more but I find my phone is what

I use primarily and this is secondary so I know some people have itthe other way around it just depends on what you do now the other thing is ithas held up well underwater I've gone swimming with itfrom time to time and it just works fine I've had no problems with it whatsoeveryou can shower with these they're waterproof unlike the iPhone that'swater-resistant these you can take in the water all the time all of the catches work fine the receivers the speakers they're all working simply like you would expect and the entirety of the sensors and everything else I've had no issues with it and I wear it just about every day occasionally maybe on the weekends Iwon't but every day when I'm doing videos you often see me wearing thiswatch and that's what I use that's it for my series for Apple watch if you'dlike to know anything more about it or there's something I didn't answer let meknow in the comments below and I'll try to answer it and also if you'd like toget your hands on one of these watchbands I'll link them in thedescription below so you can check them out for yourself and hopefully I canfind a good price on one of these watches for you as well but I'll linkall of that in the description and if you'd like to get your hands on thewallpaper on the iPhone I'll link that as well if you haven't subscribedalready please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a likeas always thanks for watching this is AaronI'll see you next time 


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