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10 scientific ways to reduce obesity motapa kaise kam kare

Motapa kaise kam kare Hello Friends, welcome once again to your blog Health and Beauty Info Tips. So today we will tell you 10 ways to reduce obesity fast, by following which you will reduce your obesity or weight to a great extent in no time.

You will find hundreds of such articles on the Internet that will tell you how to lose weight fast, but most of them are useless because those methods will make you unhappy and hungry.

If you do not have strong will power, then you will lose due to hunger. That's why you need a good plan. Palan should be such that it does not keep you hungry and obesity is also reduced, so we are giving you some simple and easy ways to reduce fat fast. Remember that it is not an easy task to lose or gain weight, you will have to work hard and wait for it.

You do not lose weight in one or two weeks. You will also have to follow your Routine continuously. Any Routine or diet plan is good if you follow it properly.

10 ways to reduce obesity in scientific ways

Here we are telling you about 10 ways to reduce obesity. Please read them till the end and share them with your friends if you like.

1. Remove sugar and carbohydrates from your diet (Remove sugar and carbs in your diet)

It is good to remove sugar and carbohydrates because removing it will not make you hungry at any time. If you take calories from sugar and carbohydrates, it will increase your level of hunger so that you will remain unhappy and eat more frequently, which will increase obesity rather than decrease.

By consuming too much sugar and carbohydrates, a lot of fat will accumulate in your body, due to which it will be difficult to reduce your obesity.
Another benefit of carbohydrate and sugar removal is that it lowers insulin levels, allowing your kidneys to shed excess sodium and water from your body. This reduces bloat and unnecessary water weight.
So by cutting sugar and carbs from your diet, you will find that your hunger is decreasing itself and your obesity is also decreasing.

2. Do daily exercise

You must have heard many times that a little exercise or Exercise is the key to reducing obesity, for example, you can walk by stairs instead of the lift. Samuel Klein, MD of the University of Washington's School of Medicine, says exercise is a better way to lose weight than exercise less. Exercise causes your body's excess fat to melt. If you want to reduce 300 kcal, then you can walk for 3 miles for this. Or you should eat 2 ounces fewer potato chips.

Therefore, along with reducing food, you should also increase your physical activity. This is a very simple solution, if your eating habits have not changed, then you will increase rather than reduce obesity, so you should also exercise while reducing food. Not eating a diet does not lose as much weight as exercising. So give Exercise a place in your daily routine. Some studies have given rise to the dichotomy that Exercise with a good diet reduces obesity rapidly.

3. Maintain balance in your diet and exercise (Maintain your diet and exercise)

As we just told you about the importance of exercise for weight loss above but
Some people reduce their diet completely and increase their exercise but this is a very wrong way because the body needs a lot of energy to exercise and when nothing is taken for a long time after exercise. So it makes you feel tired

Due to which there is a problem in doing marra's work every day and to keep following this diet constantly, a lot of willpower is also required. After exercise, you feel very hungry for some time, you can control yourself, but after a limit, the halat will go out of your control and you will eat already. Therefore, keeping both exercise and diet balanced, there should be no more or less of both, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

4. Have a rich breakfast with high protein

By taking high protein breakfast, you will reduce the desire and thoughts of eating more food by 60%, besides it also reduces the cravings of eating late at night. When you eat breakfast with high protein, it keeps your stomach full throughout the day, due to which you have to take 441 fewer calories in a day.
Protein is considered the king of nutrients when it comes to losing weight.

5. Drink water an hour before eating something

One study demonstrated that "Drinking water 30 minutes before a gala extends the speed of diminishing heaviness by 44% inside 3 months. So drink water thirty minutes before taking nourishment. A little in the middle of dinners It is additionally simple to take water since it encourages you to eat less nourishment.

But water should not be drunk immediately after eating, because of which you complain of indigestion. Remember that water should always be drunk after that, it will keep your knees healthy.

6. Eat only helpful foods to reduce obesity (Eat only weight loss-friendly foods)

Our excess weight also increases due to our wrong eating habits. Our weight increases or decreases in the same way that we use in our diet. To lose or gain weight, we all understand the importance of food.

Junk foods such as curcumin, burgers, pizza all have a lot of fat and fat, which is one of the main reasons for increasing obesity.

You should always eat such a meal that also fills your stomach and does not get too many calories. You will get information about this type of diet on the Internet. Include green vegetables in your food, it gives more energy and reduces calories.

7. Eat food slowly (Eat food slowly)

People who eat food quickly increase their weight very fast, eating slowly makes the stomach feel more full and besides eating it slowly, many types of Hormones are released, which reduces obesity.
One disadvantage of eating too often is that it can also spoil your stomach.

8. Eat molten fiber

Most studies suggest that soluble fiber can reduce fat, especially in the abdominal area. Fiber supplements such as glucomannan may also be helpful

9. Weigh yourself daily (Weight yourself daily)

Weigh yourself every day. Studies show that people who weigh themselves every day have more chances to lose weight and maintain this Journey for a longer period of time.

So keep yourself talking daily because when you see your obesity becoming less, then your motivation will increase so that you will be able to remain loose for a long time on your journey to lose weight.

10. Eat without rubbing food

Eat mostly uncooked foods. Depending on your diet, keep fruits and raw vegetables up to 50% of your diet. Initially, you may have a little problem with it, but it will become very easy if you get used to it.

There is a lot of oil, fat, and fat in ripe substances, due to which obesity increases very fast.

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